We are the Great Citizens Movement

We dream to inspire a world wide network of human beings with the Great Citizens Movement. That all these people go and dream their dreams (again), and share these dreams with others who together are going to live these dreams. The aim is to beautify the world and encourage more participation by more people.

You from your own power, from your own environment, with your own group of fellow dreamers and doers. Together we then are living these dreams into reality.

The Great Citizens Movement aims to be a conglomeration of people, daring to dream of a better world and not stop there. We want to challenge you to write down Letter to the Future, share your vision with the people around you and start creating the world you want to live in.


Right to Exist, Keeping Space, Authenticity, Autonomy, Self-determination, Direct democracy, Open, Create, Abundance


Compassion, Kindness, Attention, Human Measure, Small Scale, Sincerity, Honesty, Equality, Servant Leadership, Bottom Up


Ideal world, Contributing to Love and Happiness, Co-Creating, Creation, Making Space, Open Communication, Self-Direction,

Live the Change

Philosophy, Nature/Source Consciousness, Integrity (Wholeness), Slowing Down, Reflection, Being in the Here and Now

Change your world today

Think about a better future, share your dreams and start living your ideal world.