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Start creating a better world

On this page we offer you some ideas to start taking action towards a better world. We would love to here what you come up with. So please consider sharing your stories on our ‘dreams-page‘.

1. Specify concrete goals

Think tangibly about what you can actually do to bring that ideal future for the world a step closer. What can you do in your direct environment, and outside of it? How can your knowledge and skills improve the world?

These do not need to be great things, and can also be small things you can do every day. An example is to intend to offer an act of kindness to someone (you do not personally know). You can briefly describe for example three goals based on the ideal future. Your goals can touch on many different domains. Below are a few examples:

  • More often engage in random acts of kindness
  • Connect people who are willing to improve the world with each other
  • Do not only give, but also learn to “receive”: When you truly “receive” a gift, the giver can enjoy it as well

Think about what you can do in your immediate surroundings. How can you make a difference and create a ripple effect?

You can write down these goals and give a short outline for each one. Why is this goal so important to you?

2. Prioritize

As you will not be able to realize all of your goals at the same time, it can be helpfull to list each of your goals in the order of most to least important. To make working on your goals more easy, describe how you will work on them:

  • What is the first step you are going to take on the way to realizing this goal?
  • Be very practical; When do you start to work on this goal and how much time weekly are you willing to spend on this?
  • Start small, for example 5-minute walks every day, if this is one of your goals.

3. Identify and clear obstacles

The way to a better future can be bumpy. In life things aren’t always happy-go-lucky, which demands that you make choices. It can be very practical to anticipate possible roadblocks and obstacles. Research shows that people who create clear plans and think about what they would do when encountering hindrances, are better able to reach their goals than people who don’t do this.

Write about every goal, the possible obstacles you may encounter, and how you can deal with them. You can write it like this:

  • As obstacle then solution
  • Example: When people don’t appreciate my solutions, I can first assess if my solutions were indeed valuable, and then find people who will appreciate them and are willing to share feedback to help me realize this goal.

Start sharing your dreams

If you wish to take a first step in sharing your vision about the future with one person, please find a few tips below:

  • Make an appointment with someone who wishes to share your idea of a better world.
  • Ask the person to be open-minded and non-judgmental.
  • Read the letter to this person.
  • Discuss the future you have in mind. Listen well to what the other person has to say and write down their feedback.
  • Invite this other person to also take on the “challenge”, and offer to talk about it together. In this way we create a ripple effect, as more people, who can inspire many more people, start working on it too.

4. How to continue now?

Maybe you shared your vision about the future and you discussed it with a person you trust. Afterwards, it is beautiful to discuss your ideas with loved ones among your family or friends. If you have no problem sharing your vision with a greater audience, you can also do this on social media. Most likely there are many more people who, especially at this time, are craving positive inspiration. Who knows what your statement can stir up in others? Another objective in sharing your vision is feeling responsibility to implement your goal, because now people know about it.

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Outline sharing your dream on

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  • Some words about the next steps you take to create a better world

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