Great Citizens Institute

Free speech event

Join the event “Free thought & free speech in Dutch higher education” at the University of Amsterdam!
Date & Time: Friday 3 March 2023, 15:00 – 18:00
Location: Bushuis, Kloveniersburgwal 48, Universiteit van Amsterdam
For: Everyone involved in higher education
Language: English
Registration: send an e-mail to

Are free minds still welcome and nurtured in the Dutch higher education system? Or are these institutions increasingly complicit to a narrowing of the mind, maybe even becoming centers of propaganda and censorship? How are ‘woke culture’ and ‘cancel culture’ threatening the ideals of a radically open debate? Is there enough space for political diversity and ideological pluralism?

Can dominant narratives of for example gender, multiculturalism, religion, vaccination, health, geopolitics, and climate change still be freely and openly challenged? How are terms like “far-right extremism” , “discrimination”, “transgressive behavior”, “fake news”, “science denial” and “conspiracy theories” used to stigmatize and eliminate alternative knowledge positions? How can we combine radical academic freedom with a sense of responsibility for truthfulness and values like respect, inclusion and social safety?

We will explore these questions together during Laurens Buijs’ upcoming event on free thought and free speech, on Friday 3 March at the University of Amsterdam, co-organized with the Great Citizens Institute.

If you are committed to real and uncensored science, drop us a line.


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