Michaéla Schippers, co-founder of the Great Citizens Movement, asks for your financial contribution. She has spent, out of her personal budget, thousands of dollars over the past few years defending free speech, open debate and civic engagement! Please donate to support her important civic work!

It’s up to us

Every day, more people are realising that the creation of a better, more equitable world is up to them.

Governments have a role to play, but a different effort is needed, with well-being at its core rather than profits. With more bottom up synergy and less hierarchy.

The Great Citizens Movement aims to facilitate this transition. By helping people create their own vision and translate it into a working reality – in a way that suits them best.

You can start by reading and signing the  Declaration.

The Great Citizens Declaration was inspired by The Declaration of Independance (1776)

“Let’s make the world a better place,
one step at a time!”

Michaéla Schippers

The Great Citizens Movement was founded by Michaéla Schippers and Marloes Vis van Heemst. Prof. Schippers research interest covers goalsetting, team reflexivity, team performance, academic performance as well as ikigai (i.e. purpose in life), and life goals. She coined the term “life crafting” as a way to optimize performance and happiness.

She is also the founder of ikigaitv.nl, a platform for positive psychology.

Life crafting and study success. Do you want to bridge the gap between students from diverse backgrounds and make education more inclusive? Would you like to learn as a practitioner how to implement life crafting for your clients? In this series of free webinars I explain how you can also make use of the (free short version) of the life crafting intervention for your students or clients.

These series were first broadcast at Erasmus Center For Study And Career Success, May 2023

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Michaela Schippers interviewing Jordan B. Peterson about the “death spiral”. We’re in an epidemic of narcissism and bad decision making


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Live the Change

Philosophy, Nature/Source Consciousness, Integrity (Wholeness), Slowing Down, Reflection, Being in the Here and Now

Recent Dreams

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