About us: People of the Great Citizens Movement

The Great Citizens Movement is an idea of Michaéla Schippers, (Professor of Behaviour and Performance Management). She told this dream to Marloes Vis van Heemst (strong willed organizational scientist and author) who was immediately enthusiastic. Now girls on a mission, they are the space givers of this initiative. Emphatically they are not looking to pull the cart here, because then people are assigned tasks they are required to perform, which is quite clearly not the aim here. The Great Citizen Movement lives for how it can be done differently. And it works. People ask spontaneously: can I join? This is how the website was built, a song written, a film produced, a logo designed, a marketing plan developed and how texts were written. And this is only the beginning.


Michaéla Schippers

Michaéla Schippers Michaéla Schippers is Professor of Behaviour and Performance Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She holds a PhD from the Psychology Department at the Free University