Letter to the Future by Michaéla

In the ideal world I have in mind, there is no needless suffering. Systems are in place to serve people, we are not there to serve the systems, or to make an effort to fit into the system. Kids are brought up with the idea in mind that they can become their best possible selves. Societal values are freedom, humanness, and wisdom. With these values as a basis, a process of co-creation can be used to make this world a better place. Hierarchical systems are abandoned and systems of radical direct democracy are implemented and embraced world-wide. In my ideal world, we do this , using evidence-based and effective methods to create a better world that is good for people, planet and all inhabitants of the earth. All people will get the chance to shine, and be their best possible version of themselves.

“I have made many of the steps already and will continue.

I hope many people will join me on my quest to make this world a better place for future generations to come.”

Michaéla Schippers

Creator of Letters to the Future is Michaéla Schippers. Prof. Schippers research interest covers goalsetting, team reflexivity, team performance, academic performance as well as ikigai (i.e. purpose in life), and life goals. She coined the term “life crafting” as a way to optimize performance and happiness.

She is also the founder of ikigaitv.nl, a platform for positive psychology  (https://ikigaitv.nl/)

The next steps

I have so many goals these days, that I will write down a few of them that are related to the current situation:

1.(Scientific) writing and publishing:
Since the pen is mightier than the sword, I started publishing scientific articles on the topic of the current COVID-19 crisis, and the erroneous decision making. Also, I published on the role of positive psychology tools such as life crafting to (re)find meaning and purpose in life.
Also, I am writing books, blogs and I publish via social media.

2. Founding the Great Citizens Movement and nurturing it into growth
This movement is aimed at making this world a better place and should become a movement where people that have the same aims and wishes, find each other and co-create a batter world together. I have started this movement already and a first big action is to make sure the Great Citizens Declaration is endorsed and/or signed by at least a billion people. I am on the lookout for people who want to help make this movement great and with the help of several co-founders, such as Marloes Vis van Heemst, we are shaping the movement as well as the world together in a process of co-creation.Related to this I started the Great Citizens Institute, a research Institute that may in due time even grow into a world level university, where science is being practiced in the way it is meant to be: Open-minded and without perverse incentives. Working on research projects that preferably have a positive impact in the world.

3. Reversing the negative impact on peoples mental health
I do this by means of Ikigaitv Home – Ikigai TV. Via that website I share positive psychology tools. These are scalable tools, in the sense that if needed millions of people can profit from those by doing the challenges (e.g., Brieven aan de toekomst Challenge – Ikigai TV)

More next steps

4. Co-founding a university
I have been asked to co-found a university in New York, Rawsome Life. Since the values are so close to the values of our Movement, I have decided that I want to do this in the upcoming time. This also means I will most likely teach a course there. It can take a while, as the founder is currently puttying together a program and wants to go for accreditation before starting.

5. Teaching a life crafting practitioner course, making a MOOC and giving workshops and talks about this topic
This is part of the goals to make the world a better place. I want to teach others to use positive psychology tools to do this. Work on themselves and use it for others as well.

6. Speaking out and informing people
This is what I have been doing in the last two years and I will keep on doing this, based on the articles that I am also publish. People who are open to hearing this information, will be able to form their own opinion, preferably based on facts.Together, all these goals are based on the importance of making sure to convince people that we can build a better world if we want top and to also start doing so and leading by example. Servant leadership is important in this respect, but also holacracy, whereby the goals and values are leading, not the ego’s of people or the systems in place. Systems should serve people, not the other way around.

More Dreams

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