Letter to the Future by Marloes

In the near future, everyone will have the space to live their own life in their own way. In harmony with others, but never in the service of another’s dream. Everyone is given the space to be themselves, to get to know themselves and to learn to trust themselves.

That starts with children who are allowed to develop freely. Without pressure from expectations of the (social) environment. While playing, they can explore their world and discover what there is to learn.

We are working hard to develop new ways of living together. A society in which everyone has learned to manage themselves. We have learned to no longer suppress our feeling, but to use it as an important source of (self) management. We have learned to view our lives in a more process-oriented way. To live in the present moment and find the meaning of our lives again and again by asking ourselves: “What have I to do here and now?”

“Every young person deserves the opportunity to shape his own learning”

Marloes Vis van Heemst

Marloes Vis van Heemst is an organizational scientist, but one with a mind of her own. Now that old ways of organizing no longer seem to work, we have to look for something new. Self-management, open communication and working together in a network are the future for her.

The next step

I wrote a (Dutch) book about the world we live in and the developmental shift that is going on. (De boom in met je idealen).
A second (Dutch) book about what we have to do, learn as individuals and as humankind will be published end of this summer. (Idealen in uitvoering).
You can find them on my personal website.

I strongly believe that our kids have the future and we have to make radical shift is their education to give them the space they need to develop towards all the can be.

Fortunately that dream is shared by some people. Together we launched an initiative we call DOcollectief (Democratisch Onderwijs Collectief or Democratic Education Collective). DOcollectief wants to join forces for Democratic Education. We see Democratic Education as the education of the future and that is why our goal is: Education is Democratic. And I’m writing a book about the future of education together with Ruud van Middelaar.

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