Paper “Aggressive Measures..”

Paper "Aggressive Measures (..) During the COVID-19 Crisis" was published on August 25, 2022. The paper Aggressive Measures, Rising Inequalities and Mass Formation During the COVID-19 Crisis: An Overview and Proposed Way Forward, by Michaela Schippers, John Ioannidis and Ari Joffe, referenced by Nobel Prize laureate Michael Levitt, has been peer

Mattias Desmet: Mass formation and groupthink in the Corona crisis; what can you do yourself?

Follow the Science: Matthias Desmet on mass formation and groupthink in the Corona crisis; what can you do yourself? During the Night of the New World in Rotterdam July 9, 2022, a two-way conversation between professors Michaéla Schippers and Mattias Desmet about mass formation and how to break it; the role of

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Michaela Schippers on Life Crafting

Follow the Science - Michaela Schippers on Life Crafting as a way to find purpose in life. Rico Brouwer talks to professor of behavior and performance management Michaéla Schippers about the psychological and sociological effects of the corona measures. Professor Schippers, speaking on a personal note, tells about the research she