Dream of Michaéla


Letter to the Future by Michaéla In the ideal world I have in mind, there is no needless suffering. Systems are in place to serve people, we are not there to serve the systems, or to make an effort to fit into the system. Kids are brought up with the idea in

Dream of Mirjan (6)


Letter to the Future by Mirjan Mirjan dreams of super powers Very strong or maybe real quick Coming into the new world Will be done by a rainbow bridge "Actually gooder, but better is also good." Mirjan is (still) our youngest dreamer.

Dream of Marloes


Letter to the Future by Marloes In the near future, everyone will have the space to live their own life in their own way. In harmony with others, but never in the service of another's dream. Everyone is given the space to be themselves, to get to know themselves and to learn