Discover the Path to Inclusive Education Excellence!

Do you want to bridge the gap between students from diverse backgrounds and make education more inclusive? Discover the opportunity to participate in various certified, tuition-free online courses, that cover a range of scientifically proven tools. Topics range from the Life Crafting intervention to neurolearning.

What is Life Crafting?

Life Crafting is a process in which people actively reflect on their present and future lives, set goals for important areas of life—social, career, and leisure time—and, if required, make concrete plans and undertake actions to change these areas in a way that better reflects their values and wishes. Prof. Michaéla Schippers coined the term and developed the Life Crafting intervention. This online written intervention has been shown to increase student success by 22%, reduce dropout rates by an impressive 22%, and closes performance gaps.

What will you learn?

In this immersive session, Prof. Schippers will unveil the secrets to improving your students’ achievement through the practice of life crafting. You will gain insight into the courses, how to enrol, and even get a live introduction to one of the key tools: the Life Crafting intervention. The session will take place on 31 October, from 13:00 – 16:00, at the Senaatszaal (Erasmus Building). Join us and pave the way to a future where education is inclusive and achievement knows no boundaries!

For who?

  • Academic lecturers;
  • Adult & youth training providers
  • Public authorities in charge of digitalization and/or education
  • Media & journalism organisations
  • University associations & accreditation bodies
  • NGOs
  • Students and adult learners
  • Technology providers for educational purposes
  • Businesses engaged in collaboration with universities
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